Tone Deflector

NOTE: This product is often (and best) provided in combination with the Dynamic Backrest Mounting Hardware.

Product Name: Tone Deflector (for headrest)

Manufacturer: Stealth Products, Inc.

Description: This option serves two main functions: Absorb and Avert. This intuitive design absorbs quick impact compression and averts these forces 10 degrees in either direction through slanted angle loading. This hardware is essential for any person with high tone and especially for those with strong extensor tone.


This component is important for 2 main reasons:

  1. It minimizes the impact of strong tone against a stationary support to shield the consumer from absorbing that impact.
  2. By absorbing and averting the impact, there is less stress on the head support and hardware (increasing durability and avoiding the need to make frequent adjustments/tightening up bolts that have worked loose from repetitive forces.)